Who are we?

The Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement unites young people with a sense of motivation, whose light blue dream is that every young person in Estonia can grow up in a society that supports mental health. Until the dream of the youth association becomes a reality, we offer an encouraging, safe and inspiring environment at our events and in the online nest for our members. It is important to share experiences from young people to young people, with the aim of increasing people-to-people understanding and encouraging people to seek help.

Matilde Sigijane

The chairman

Helen Vislap

Social Media Manager

Liisa Rajamets

head of home affairs

Liina Deutschler

chief financial officer

Maris Praats

Head of Foreign Affairs

Want to join?

Who is welcome to join?

- interested-activists-thinkers with the promotion of mental health in the heart;

- all young people with a personal or close experience of a mental health problem.

Is there an age limit for joining?

There is no lower limit for becoming a member! If you are under 15, we also ask for the written permission of a parent or guardian to join. At the age of 30+ you can be our supporting member! This means that you can participate and have a say in all activities, but not vote in meetings. In this way, all decisions belong to the young people themselves.

Do members have to pay a membership fee?

Our membership fee is friendly and solidarity-based for young members - 6 euros per year. This means that whoever gets it pays - but if the economic situation is more difficult, it does not mean expulsion from membership. If you wish and if possible, you can of course bet a larger amount. We ask the supporting members for the membership fee immediately upon joining, the young members are expected to pay the membership fee if they have been a member for at least half a year.

Do members have responsibilities too?

No. As a member, you can get involved in projects and activities as much as you want and can. It is possible to contribute to our activities both as a co-thinker and as a leader, but always only as much as you like. And in the end, you can just be with us, if possible, go to storytelling and tell-write-draw when you're in the mood.

You can apply for membership here: