Strategic Involvement of Young People in the Mental Health Movement

Since April 2020, the Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement has been carrying out a project with which we want to grow our membership and involve young people more in the movement's activities (including information work and advocacy). ENVTL wants to increase its capacity to face young people facing mental health challenges and to develop its sustainability. The project includes four in-house trainings on advocacy, media, project writing and inclusive management; as well as four larger or smaller public rentals. The project will also complete a development plan for the next five years in cooperation with DD Stratlab, with which we will set the goals and focuses of the organization. 

In order to ensure sustainability, the project provides experience counseling to the members of the organization. Shared experiences allow build a trusting relationship, using trying the counselor to give hope and help solve problems.

The end of the project is May 31, 2021. 

On this page you can read about our activities in connection with the aforementioned project.

Where are we going ?!

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What will 2020 bring us?

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What will 2020 bring to ENVTL?

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