My journey in ENVTL

When I joined ENVTL a little over 2 years ago, I couldn't expect or want anything more than to be able to go to school to tell my story. I felt that something good could come of my gloomy experience with school bullying, self-harm, and depression; something from which someone could learn to understand their loved ones or recognize themselves and seek help. 

Having shared their experiences not only in schools, but also in podcasts, Teachers' Magazine, Opinion Festival and even in the discussion of the mental health round table of the Ministry of Social Affairs. I have received constant positive feedback from the listeners that due to my courage to be honest and open about my problems, my mental health and the existence of problems have been better understood. With my story, I have been able to open people's eyes and hearts to the hidden sides and mental patterns of mental health problems that affect the lives of those who suffer from them on a daily basis. Although putting myself in such a vulnerable position vis-à-vis strangers is alarming, it is not difficult for me because I can talk about my past with full confidence and feel proud that it is no longer my present. Although I am affected by everything I have experienced to this day and need the support of a psychologist to succeed, I am not ashamed of it.

By sharing my story, I have brought positive changes not only to the lives of the listeners, but also to my own. Telling my story dozens of times, I was able to create an emotional distance with my past. This gave me the opportunity to see new connections or perspectives within the past, which has helped me find answers to many of the questions that have confused me in the past. 

Active participation in ENVTL has also offered me enormous opportunities for self-development in very different ways and in different areas of skills and knowledge. I have been able to get involved and participate in many trainings, workshops, discussions and meetings, seminars, including Erasmus projects, and I am also very much exposed to non-formal learning. This has given me a very diverse knowledge of special fields outside the university. I feel that thanks to ENVTL I have been able to successfully educate myself according to my abilities.

However, when I joined ENVTL, the unified and frugal membership I became part of exceeded my expectations the most. Although I do not have a close family, I have realized that it is ENVTL with these people that my family has become. I have reached a place in my life where I am surrounded by people who value mental health, who are cordial, caring and supportive, and thanks to whom I am learning to believe in people's goodness again. However, this is something I value most of the above.

The author of the song is Helen Voogla

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