International Youth Day is a collaboration between 12 organizations focusing on the mental health of young people

We are sincerely pleased that this year's International Youth Day is focusing on mental health!

Here we are sharing a press release from the Education and Youth Board, where one of the leaders of ENVTL will also have the floor.

Today, at the initiative of the United Nations, World Youth Day is celebrated. Under the leadership of the newly established Education and Youth Board, this time Estonia will focus on the mental health of young people.

Education and Youth Board (HARNO) Head of the Youth Management Department Kaire Soometsa According to him, the spring isolation has raised mental health concerns more sharply than ever before. "Sudden social exclusion and unequal conditions for studying, even from a distance, are just some of the keywords that young people suddenly had to deal with and that also raised young people's mental health concerns such as anxiety and loneliness for youth workers," says Soomets.

Talking about mental health is not very long in Estonian public space, which is why the topic is accompanied by both ignorance and a certain taboo. To this end, the Education and Youth Board has joined forces With 11 organizations, who all play an important role in supporting the mental health of young people in one way or another. The aim of large-scale cooperation is to give a wider voice to mental health issues. "We want to encourage everyone, both young people and parents, youth workers and teachers, to talk about mental health, because only in this way will it break out of the taboo status and help will reach those who need it," Kaire Soomets is sure.

As mental health concerns are difficult to see physically and often even more difficult to address, one of the partners also acknowledges that CEO Anna-Kaisa Oidermaa. “MTÜ Peaasjad is today actively training community members and specialists who could provide first aid for mental health. The most frequently asked question today is how to see something that is not so easily visible. The most important thing is to dare to talk about the topic - only in this way can the mental health become everyday in the best sense, which also helps to notice those in need more, ”Oidermaa is convinced.

The contribution of the various parties is also convinced Police and Border Guard Board Pärnu regional governor Karin Uibo, According to whom, among other things, youth police officers, in co-operation with youth workers and schools in different corners of Estonia, make every effort on a daily basis to ensure that a young person does not get into trouble with the law. "Unfortunately, this is often caused by the lack of support, exclusion and other worries of loved ones, which are the first threats to a young person's mental health. Physical health hazards are often reached much later, ”says Uibo.

Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement leader Merle Purre According to him, young people also have very practical questions when it comes to mental health. “Who do I turn to when something is bothering me? Or what to do if I notice a friend's concern, but physically there's nothing like it's broken? ” Purre brings out the most common of them. 

Concerns about children and young people are available 24 hours a day Child helpline 116 111. “Child support is a service of giving advice, listening and helping. We are waiting for all people in Estonia to call, regardless of age and language - both attentive adults and children and young people in trouble, there is no doubt, ”encourages Social Insurance Board Head of the Prevention Service of the Victim Support and Prevention Services Department Quick Gornischeff

An emergency number is also the right choice. "If someone needs help here and now, it is worth calling boldly, as with any other emergency emergency number 112, where professional rescue managers can already help, ”encourages Alarm center Director - General Kätlin Alvela.

In order not to keep the topic in the media columns, the Education and Youth Board invites youth information portal Teeviit young people to share their mental health story on social media. So great tips on how to boost your mental health through everyday activities are welcome, as are stories of coping with some mental health concerns. "We all have our own easy way to rest - who reads, who sports, walks with a pet. Let us be aware of the role of these small activities in reducing everyday stress and thus supporting mental health. Let's share our stories - you never know who can have a lot of support from some simple tips, ”Kaire Soomets is convinced. 

Topical posts will also be made by all partner organizations in the coming weeks. Thematic references connecting the stories 1TP3Mental Spirit #hoianennast and #Share story. The youth portal Teeviit collects stories until October.

Under the auspices of the Youth Day, 12 organizations have joined forces under the leadership of the Education and Youth Board: 

  • Estonian Board of Education and Youth
  • Police and Border Guard Board
  • Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement
  • Alarm center
  • Social Insurance Board
  • Estonian Association of Open Youth Centers
  • Estonian Association of Youth Associations
  • Estonian Mental Health and Welfare Coalition
  • Estonian Student Union
  • Estonian Student Union
  • Child Welfare Association

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