Do you want to support us?

The activities of the Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement are still based entirely on voluntary work.

If you want to give impetus to the youth movement, you can make a donation to our current account:

Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement, EE547700771002945955 (LHV)

With the donation, you support the prevention of mental health problems and the breaking of stigmas in Estonian schools. Every euro is important so that we also reach schools located outside Tallinn and Tartu!

You also help us to stand up for the mental health of young people through advocacy.

In addition to financial support, we would be indescribably grateful if your company would like to support us in any of the following ways:

By bus, train or other means of transport

With snacks or other edible matter

With the possibility to use the premises for insider meetings and / or public events.

For organizing trainings with office supplies