Spiritual strength from Iceland

On 14 May, the ENVTL board met with three leaders, the Icelandic mental health organization Hugarafl, online. Mind Power) with Fjóla Kristín Ólafardóttir, project manager.

Hugarafl is a mental health organization from Reykjavik based on informal approaches. We first got acquainted with this organization and people in November, when our members Helen Voogla, Annika Paas, Mihkel Keerdo and Hedvig Madisson attended the Erasmus + seminar "Hand in Hand" organized by them. It was a positive surprise to learn that although we approach some things differently, we have similar goals and activities. For example, they also go to school to talk about mental health and share their stories. They are hugely successful in empowering and engaging their members and in supporting and helping people with mental health problems. We feel that although we should not compare ourselves - Hugarafl has been operating for 17 years, they have more than 300 members and a large number of paid employees (psychologists, counselors, life coaches, etc.) life coachand others) - we have a lot to learn from them and we can follow their example in order to develop our practices and organizational organization and carry out our activities more successfully.

At this meeting, we learned more about who Hugarafl's members are, how they are received and involved in the organization, how decisions are made and how the board works.

We also agreed that since we are both very interested in each other's projects to talk about mental health in schools, we will have at least one more online meeting in the future. We would like to discuss and share in more detail how the outreach activities of both organizations in schools are structured and organized.

ENVTL is very grateful that we have established a good friendship with a successful mental health organization, from whom we receive new ideas and inspiration, as well as help and advice to overcome the bottlenecks in our youth movement.

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