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What will 2020 bring us?

Dear friends and acquaintances of Estonian Youth Movement for Mental Health (ENVTL)!

We are delighted to announce that we received support from the Active Citizens Fund (Aktiivsete Kodanike Fond) this year!

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are monetarily contributing to the ACF to decrease economic and social inequality in Central Europe, Southern Europe and the Baltics. Estonian Youth Movement for Mental Health applied for the funding of the project “Noorte strateegiline kaasamine vaimse tervise liikumisse.” (Strategic inclusion of the youth into the mental health movement).

In the course of the project, a development plan ensuing the sustainability of the organisation will be prepared. As a youth organisation, we do not have any set long-term plans. Additionally, we lack the skills or knowledge to make such plans. We wish to grow our membership, but also learn how to better involve our members. We will review the vision and goals of our organisation and how to aid their fulfilment.

Keeping the position of ENVTL as a representative of the youth in mind, we plan to organise four training sessions that would help our members better navigate in the complicated field of advocacy. These training sessions will provide our members with the skills to speak up in the matters of project management and communication within ENVTL, as well as with additional skills for their personal lives.

Thanks to this project, we can offer free peer support counselling for our members throughout this year. A peer support counsellor is an accordingly trained expert who has personal experience in the field of psychiatric disorders and who can help support our youths throughout their journey and guide them to find professional help.

ENVTL wishes to provide a community that supports mental health, where it would be possible to attain and improve one’s own skills in a safe environment.

The project will run through April 2020 to May 2021. Any questions can be directed towards Birgit Malken at

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